Heavy Duty Racks

Description of Heavy Duty Racks

Overwhelming obligation rack is a basic stockpiling arrangement which encourages capacity of non palletized things.

It is perfect for expansive assortment of medium to huge estimated things that can be taken care of physically. This empowers overseeing adaptability of overseeing assortment of things and more elevated amounts can be come to by giving catwalks and multi-level frameworks.

HDR has encountered group can tackle site estimations to guarantee that your overwhelming obligation bed racks fits thus we can settle impediment issues before substantial obligation bed racks establishment starts.

We can give substantial obligation bed racks drawings and will work with you all through the configuration procedure to guarantee that you get the framework that best suits your needs. HDR fabricates and supplies beds according to client decision and prerequisite under the accompanying completions.

This adaptable substantial obligation skyscraper bed stockpiling framework can be effectively introduced and destroyed and re-collected to an alternate need-based design. Profundities of the units can be effectively modified by changing the bracings.

Our racks and compactors framework are broadly utilized for distinctive material taking care of use produced at all levels in diverse commercial enterprises and segments be it Vehicles, Pharmaceutical, Designing, Friendliness and Cooking, Logistics, Stores, Hardware, Retails, Nourishment and Refreshments, Agribusiness and Fish etc..,,

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